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Lauden Golf Adventures
       Palm Cove Yauht Club 14603 Beach Blvd. PoolSide - B (904) 543 -1433 C (904)671-4470 (24/7)   

America's Oldest Custom Pro Shop  est 1976 !           Home of   SAME SIZE HEAD TECH 5000 sold  !!!
                #1 PATENT in GOLF -  LGs FLIGHT STABILIZER  - over 2000 SOLD !


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Custom Built Clubs:

Come in today and get custom fit to your set of clubs just like the Pros!!! Every Tour Pro's set of clubs have been frequency and weight matched, from the grips to the shafts to the heads. So stop playing Off The Rack Golf  that cause high cores 82+and come get fitted and play like a PRO!

Shaft Puring;

Every graphite shaft has a longitudinal seam that runs down the shaft that needs to be set parallel to the club face. Without this done, your club head will release non-linear not square through impact  during your swing. lost of power and direction by a Unpure Shaft making it IMPOSSIBLE to hit the ball flush consistantly! Come in and we'll put your clubs into our frequency analyzer and we can show you in seconds if your clubs are pured. AND THE BEST PART IS WE WILL CHECK YOUR ALL OF YOUR CLUBS FOR FREE!!!!!!!

Reweighting & Reshafting & Regripping:

Do you know the swingweights of your set? most people don't. Swingweight has a scale ranging from A-E, A&B for juniors - C for Ladies - D for Men - E for Remax Long Drive, and numbers 0-9. So the average lady golfer's iron swing weights would be around C4 and a man's is D4. If your swingweights are off even a couple grams you will not be able to play consistent golf. Come in we will measure our swing speed and tempo so to determine your proper Swingweight. *Stronger Speed and or quicker Tempos need Heavier Swingweights*!

Ever gotten mad and wrapped your 6 iron around a tree? Or drop kick yor drive and have the shaft snap? Come in today and let us reshaft your woods and irons! We carry all of the big name brands like Matrix, Fujikura, Miyazaki, KBS Shafts, Apollo Rifle Shafts and many more. Get fitted to the right CPM  flex and weight. There is no such thing as flex, i.e. stiff, regular, etc. They are actually numbers. So your "stiff" shaft is actually called a 6.5FM, "regular"=5.5FM, "extra stiff"=7.5FM. And get the right weight, maybe you're a junior/ladies/senior golfer who needs a SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT 39/49 gram graphite shaft or your a big long driver and need 80/90 gram graphite shafts. Steel shafts also come  lightweight and heavy that important too. We do 24/7 emergency reshafts as well.

We also carry all grip companies including; Golf Pride, Tackimac, Lamkin, Super Stroke, Winn, Karma, and many more! 24/7 emergency regripping. The Size, Taper and Ribbing of a grip are super important. Call  for greater insight.

Rental Sets:

Heading into town on business or personal vacation and don't wanna spend the outrgeous checked bag fee for your clubs? No worries, here at Lauden Golf we have several full sets of clubs and bags ready to be rented for any period of time. Whether your a beginner or a 2 handicap, male or female, we have full sets for you! $19/Day