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Just developed 10/2016 EQL Naturale iWin 431 Soft Stainless Steel Irons...

Available 5-PW plus AW plus SW plus LW.. Cost 5-AW PURED CPM Graphite or Rifle $419 Set or $60/Club

These irons are specially designed to maximize Moe Normans Naturale Golf Concept....

Each club is precisely the same weight and lie of the 6 iron so you can maximize straightness in your game. We can build you a set of exactly the same length throughout the set. That would be standard length of 37 1/2" via Bryson DeChambeau PGA TOUR. Can adjust EQL Length to height of player >Taller Player 38.25" Etc..

* The Full Understanding of Naturale Golf 1 Plane *

> The PGA Tour, all Worldwide Tours and all major Golf Companies use conventional 1/2 Inch staircase cut thus each iron head must increase in head weight by 8gms thats why most iron heads increase in size by 5% running from 4 iron to largest PW, thus your #4 iron has a 35% smaller hitting surface! then your PW . This 200 year old method of making clubs using 1/2" cut and descending head size accents full talent for full maneuverability of swing and shot making thats why this C system is used by the most tatented players.

Well heres the Big Truth

> I JWL have been building and teaching ($79/hr) the Naturale 1 Plane Swing for 40+ years and its the best system if the player has a flexibility , balance or sight issue this usually developes from father time 65 years of age+ or bad luck car accident etc. - resulting in a bad knee ,shoulder replacement, Bad Back, chronic tendonis, arthritis , etc. This player has low range of motion thus EQL Naturale Golf Clubs are best which requires less balance, flexibility and turning to perform well. *LG has noticed that some high talent players about 25%(DeChambeau and <10hcps) also want to experiment with a 1 plane swing and see if the naturale system will work better then the convention golf approach even for the better players*. (Fact US Golfers 25 Million vs. Naturale Golfers 2 Million) So it comes down do you beleive in swinging clubs on slightly different planes due to different length clubs so to finese your shot to the hole or do you buy in on EQL straight is best so the player grooves 1 plane and shoots straight at the Bulls EYE or do you want to try a blend of EQL system and Conventional system called LGs Modified Moe .25" cuts a blend of Striagthness with Manueverability?? Remember this > Jack Nicklaus holds Moe Norman as the best ball striker and the key to your full potential in golf is experiment with your equipment like the Pros on Tour but with professional LG guidance so to find which system will develope your Full Potential. JWL call us 904-543-1433 for futher insight or questions

DeChambeau the Modern Moe Norman but he is actually using LGs Modified Moe 1/4" Cut 1st used by Hogan!

EQL Naturale Golf uses constant lie of 62.5 degrees and constant weight 272 grams allows LG to custom build your Equal Length Clubs > the Moe Norman concept of swinging every club on the same plane. Thus allowing the player without thinking Subliminlly to swing every club on the same plane throughout the bag... Like Moe Norman said to me on a windy day in Ormand Beach " Now you hit it as straight as you can point jim * Hit as straight as you can point jim" Moe was a repeated shot maker and a repeater orator. Pic from 1996 we both shot even par that windy day the Cowboy shot -2 bravo Kent.


No.          5           6           7            8            9           PW          AW        SW         LW

Loft       24          27        30.5       35          40        45            50           54          58

Lie       62.5       62.5     62.5       62.5       62.5     62.5        62.5       62.5       62.5

Bounce   2          4            6            8            9            10           11          12          12

Offset    6.6        5.8        5.3         4.5          4.1         3.6         3.3        2.8        2.3

Weight   272     272       272        272         272        272         272      272        272


JWL through extensive field testing beleives that cutting clubs on MM .25" staircase (via Hogan) blends the Straightness of EQL System 0" cut wth the Full Finese of Conventional 1/2" cut. Come a test out LGs Demo Sets EQL vs. MM vs. Conventional >> Find your Potential at LG.