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Quadratic Square Fairway Woods



The Integra SoooLong Quadratic is at the forefront of fairway wood technology. The SoooLong Quadratic's weight is moved further back and more towards the heel and toe, hence the square shape, to produce the most forgiving fairway wood head. To understand this, it's important to understand Moment of Inertia (MOI). MOI is the term applied to how resistant the clubhead is to twisting when a ball is struck. For example, if your swing is a little off and you hit the ball on the toe of the clubhead, a clubhead with a higher MOI will twist less as a result of the mis-hit. This creates a better chance that the ball will still go where you intended and with less loss of distance. By moving the weight in the SoooLong Quadratic fairway woods to the rear of the head and to the heel & toe the MOI is significantly increased producing a head that testing has shown 8% - 10% improvement in accuracy on mis-hit shots.

  • Unique square geometry produces maximum forgiveness as compared to traditionally shaped woods.
  • High Moment of Inertia makes it easier to hit the consistently straight ball.
  • Optimal face height for those tight lies.
  • Oversize head for enlarged sweet spot.
  • 8% - 10% improvement in accuracy on mis-hit shots.

Available in 3-15*, 5-18*, 7-21*, 9-24*

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