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CPM & Purity

Here JL is Checking CPM and PURITY of a Shaft. Puring your shaft is of the upmost importance for if your Shaft does not Release in a Linear Line for minimum of 8 cycles it will be imposible to control your Distance and Direction.

Developed by Dr. Joe Braly > There are 14 Flexs in Golf from 2.0FM to 9.0FM your final MPH at Impact along with your Tempo Reading determines your exact Flex=CPM=FM. This allows Maxium Distance and Direction on all your Shots. This is why you see fantasic Distances and Shot making on all Professional Tours . PGA-LPGA-WEB-ASIAN- Etc. Steel Sats are 95% PURE where as Graphite Shafts are only 20% PURE. Come to LGA and get your Set LG 10pt Spec-Checked and compare your specs to that recommended by LGs TOUR GHOST TECH SPEC FILMING Cost only $39/45mins." Know your exact specs before your buy"

Loft & Lie

Here Zach Klayman (6 years experience) is adjusting a iron to exact Loft and Lie for his client> 3 Degrees Flat for a Low Hand Address > more Spin and a Stronger Loft for Lower Trajectory . Zach says always know your Rockwell C Chart Rating of the Alloy that your Irons are made of "21 to 26 is Good above 27 the iron becomes Non-Malleable in its annealed state". LOOK FOR 305 or 431 SS Alloys All Forged Cardons also rate between RWC for 21-26.